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Saint Andrew began on Sunday, January 14, 1979, as Greene Street Presbyterian West, in celebration of the 100th year of the mother church. The Reverend Robert Hunt was our first Pastor.

Members over the previous two and a half years created the church facility from a government surplus building that had been a part of Fort Gordon’s Eisenhower Hospital. In addition to these two buildings, a house was donated by Dr. Ashburn P. Searcy that was formerly located across Wheeler Road from our property.

At our request, we officially became Saint Andrew Presbyterian Church on January 1, 1991. In the Spring of 2002, a large group of members were added to Saint Andrew due to the closing of the former Bel Air Presbyterian. Membership continued to grow, and the Fellowship Hall was built in 2005 and named for Rev. Hunt, who retired June 1, 2007. Reverend Edward C. Rees, IV, was ordained and became Pastor at that time. Since then, the work and mission of the church have continued to grow.

Reverend Robert Hunt
Reverend Ed Rees
Reverend Ed Rees
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