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Minutes for Missions



(tune, chicken, beef, pork, SPAM)

Please place items in the decorated container in the church office,
remembering that if you forget to bring an item, you are welcome
to contribute cash or checks (made payable to GAP Ministries).



Greene Street Diner

Green Street Diner is a ministry that prepares and distributes meals

to GAP Ministries clients after its Sunday evening service. 

Saint Andrew is scheduled to provide this meal on the 2nd Sunday

of each month, unless otherwise noted here.

Green Street Diner will be held this month on May 14, 2023. 

Those interested in participating in packing and distributing the

meal to GAP clients should meet at the Fellowship Hall at 5:00 pm.


Spring Has Sprung and St. Andrew

          is ready for a night at the SRP Park!

Friend and Family Invited!


For those who purchased tickets for the June 10, 2023 Green Jacket baseball

game at SRP Park, the game starts at 6:05.  The park opens at 5:30. 

Parking is $5.00.  You can purchase a parking pass online at 

Search on Augusta GreenJackets. You will see a tab for parking, click on that tab

and then search for the June 10, 2023 date.  If you do not purchase a

parking pass online, you will have to purchase one at the machines outside the garage.

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