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Congregational life at St. Andrew is organized into six major areas: Worship, Witness & Service, Nurture, Christian Formation, Church Property, and Administration. Click on each photo or heading to discover how to get involved and go deeper into faith and fellowship.

Witness and Service Ministry is our outreach to spread God's love, grace, and compassion to those in need. Opportunities to serve encompass a wide variety of needs from Thornwell Home for Children to Christmas in July. A more detailed list of our spreading outreach can be found on the Community page.

Please contact us if you feel drawn to help with this ministry.

Nurture Ministry provides opportunities for St. Andrew's members & friends to engage in Christ-centered fellowship. Activities include congregational luncheons, Easter brunch & egg hunt, cookouts, "Faith & Family Night" at the Green Jackets games, ice cream socials and Christmas singalong cider 'n treats. Join us for fun and fellowship as we celebrate our family in Christ. 

Paul wrote to the Galatians that he felt he was going through labor pains for them, “until Christ is formed in you” (Galatians 4:19). Being formed into the image of Christ is the purpose of Christian education and training, which is carried out in our Sunday School classes, Wednesday night Bible study, as well as in small group meetings in private homes. Contact us for more information.

The Worship Ministry Team works to encourage our congregation to seek and participate in all the opportunities for service and worship at St. Andrew. We follow the word of God and respond to His presence with offerings, praise, thanksgiving and prayer. We are empowered by the Holy Spirit to go out and proclaim God's word to all our neighbors. Everyone, no matter what your faith or beliefs, are welcomed to join us in worship. Please contact us if you feel drawn to help with this ministry.

The Administration Ministry Team is the physical and spiritual backbone of the day-in and day-out workings of the church. The team is responsible for matters relating to Finance, Personnel, Policy Development, Communication, and most importantly, selecting nominees for church leadership positions. The team works closely with the pastor and key staff members, always keeping in mind that we are also the working body of Christ. Please contact us if you feel drawn to help with this ministry.

Property Ministry focuses on the stewardship of God's bountiful resources provided us in the form of beautiful grounds and facility. We strive to make our home a peaceful place where anyone seeking refuge will find it. From a shady spot during the summer to a place to pray and mediated surrounded by our memorial rose gardens and forest. Rewarding opportunities abound for those felt called to engage in this mission. Please contact us if you feel drawn to help with this ministry.

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